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Elevate Your Dance

Tanzterrain has proudly opened its doors from October 2021 . In the aftermath of the pandemic, we started residing in the neighborhood of Kypseli and specifically near St. George Square. In a neighborhood with a clear multicultural character, we transformed the abandoned closed ground floor - of the former gambling club - of Tinou Street into an open multi-purpose space for performing arts and physical exercise.
With the motto 'practice, share, perform' guiding all our classes, we have created over the last few years a community of wonderful people who love movement, as much as we do.
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Our Story

Our vision is for Tanzterrain - kinetic dance space to be a common ground for mutual exchange of knowledge, methods, perspectives and embodied experiences.

The main function of the studio is to conduct classes and special artistic education and physical exercise programs that nurture, inspire and motivate amateurs and professionals to discover their own unique identity through movement. At the same time, its main goal is to create space for intercultural research and open practice.

Our weekly schedule includes classes in contemporary and classical dance, improvisation, pilates, yoga, physical theatre, acrobatics, kung fu/tai chi and more. Classes are primarily adressed to adults, and there are also activities for children.

The venue also organises dance, theatre and therapeutic practice workshops with international and local artists, open improvisation and instant composition practice sessions, short term artistic residencies ,and hosts European training programmes, rehearsals and small scale presentations/performances.

At our venue,

we respect every body, age, gender and personality,

we challenge and redefine our ways and strategies,

we evolve, practice, share with others in the group,

together we create a safe, non-competitive environment that can promote the best side of ourselves to emerge.

No sexist, racist or other offensive or violent behaviors will be allowed.

Instead, communication with kindness and understanding is encouraged-please let us know how we can make our services more accessible to you-.

In this context, Tanzterrain is open to initiatives, proposals and collaborations with artists from various fields , educators and other spaces or organizations that carry similar concerns.


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Polina Chrysafi

Dance teacher - FOUNDER & MANAGER

Contact Us

Tinou 52-54, Athina 113 61, Greece


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