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Tanzterrain - kinetic dance space

Elevate Your Dance

Tanzterrain - kinetic dance space has proudly open doors from October 2021. Our fresh and motivated teachers provide classes and special programs that nurture, inspire and motivate amatuer and professional dancers to find their own unique artistry and self-expression through movement. Get in touch to learn more.

Our Story

Tanzterrain - kinetic dance space is a new multipurpose space for performing arts and practice.

The studio's weekly program includes Contemporary and Classical dance, Improvisation, Pilates, Yoga, Physical theater, Acrobatics and Kung fu / Qi Gong. The lessons are mainly addressed to adults and teenagers, while there are also children's dance classes. The venue also hosts dance, theater and therapeutic practice seminars, as well as rehearsals.

Dance is where artistry and athleticism meet, and this theme carries through all classes taught at Tanzterrain - kinetic dance space. Students receive the type of training that turns them not just into successful dancers, but accomplished human beings, prepared to achieve whatever they set their minds to.

‘Tanzterrain’ means dance ground and seeks to find this ground for mutual exchange of practices and knowledge (or non-knowledge), discussion, co-formation, exchange of artistic perspective and experience. In this context, it is open to initiatives, proposals and collaborations with artists / ideas, teachers and other areas with respective concerns.

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Polina Chrysafi

Dance teacher - CEO

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Tinou 52-54, Athina 113 61, Greece


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