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Stathia Partalidou

Wudang Kung Fu | Τai Qi - Qi Gong

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Wudang Kung Fu is an esoteric martial art born and developed in China, in the mountains of Wudang. There the traditional principles of self-defense and fighting techniques were blended with Taoist philosophy and ancient knowledge of internal alchemy. This union created Wudang Kung Fu, a comprehensive system of esoteric martial arts.

The basic principles of the theory of Yin Yang, the 5 elements, Tai Ji come to life through movement and create the various practice systems of Wudang Kung Fu ( Qi Gong, Tai Ji / Tai Yi Quan, Bagua Zhang , Xing Yi :Quan, Sword) .

Disciplined long term practice of these various styles of esoteric martial arts helps to maintain a good health of the body, develop the spirit and our ability to understand the world and the flow of life.


In the course "Wudang Kung Fu, Basics" we will practice Tai Yi 18 Form.

In order to learn the form, we will work on the basic positions of kung fu, the 5 animals of the 5 Animal Qi Qong system and the basic principles of Tai Ji Quan.

Practicing the form will enrich our movement with the qualities of Yin and Yang, soft movements and dynamic movements, slow position changes and fast position changes, softness and explosion.


Tai Yi 18 Form is a form suitable for beginner students and those with martial arts experience.


Morning Qi Gong & Tai Qi classes


The classes are open to all ages and all levels (for people who are just starting to learn Qi Gong and Tai Qi as well as for advanced students). Qi Gong and Tai Qi are gentle forms of exercise aimed at improving the health of the body and mind. They belong to the esoteric Chinese martial arts and are holistic exercise systems known for their high health benefits for the practitioner. Static positions (standing pillars) and repetitive movements in flow (forms) are the way of practicing these systems.

In our morning classes we will focus on learning form 36 (36 Tai Qi form), a gentle form that smoothly introduces us to the principles of Tai Qi and understanding the harmony of Yin and Yang in our movement. At the same time we will work on natural free breathing, correct posture, balance and flexibility.

Qi Gong and Tai Qi through continuous and long practice cultivate in the practitioner the ability to concentrate on the here and now, body awareness, calmness of mind and the meditative state of practice and existence.


The teacher of the class, Stathia Partalidou, is an official instructor in internal martial arts of the "XUAN" Wudang Principles Kung Fu, Internal Martial Arts school.



Stathia Partalidou is an educator and instructor of indoor martial arts. She was born in Thessaloniki and graduated from the Pedagogical Department of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki in 2012. She was a chaperone for children in community schools in Thessaloniki and Volos, while she started her involvement with martial arts. She studied for 3 years in Shaolin Kung Fu (Source of the Young Forest) in Thessaloniki and in 2017 she started her training at 'XUAN', Gong Fu Academy for Internal Martial Arts, in Berlin. There she attended the intensive instructor training program and in the spring of 2021, after 4 years of daily practice, she received the title of Instructor of Internal Martial Arts as well as the blue belt in Brazilian Jiujitsu. The systems in which she has deepened her practice are Qi Gong, Tai Ji / Tai Yi Quan, Xing Yi Quan, Ba Gua Zhang, Brazilian Jiujitsu, Basic Boxing. She has participated in martial arts competitions in Berlin and Athens and has won one gold, two silver and one bronze medal. In recent years she has been living and working in Athens where she continues her practice and delivers weekly Kung Fu,Tai Qi, Kung Fu Kids classes and seminars.

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