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Silena Laskari

Pilates mat

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The pilates method strengthens the whole body, starting from the center or powerhouse, with focusing on breathing, body alignment and concentration. Through the conscious execution of simple movements in flow, it improves posture, stabilizes the body, stabilizes joints, enhances balance and flexibility. The course is aimed at all ages and abilities.

It is suitable for all people regardless of gender, age, physical condition and is overall ideal for enhancing overall functionality in everyday life, but also for the gentle treatment of musculoskeletal imbalances.


The course is addressed to all people regardless of gender, age, physical condition. Based on the classic exercise program and modern variations, the trainees will be introduced to the pilates method, through an initially slow alternation of movements and positions, while progressively moving on to more complex and creative flows.


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Silena Laskari was born and raised in Mytilene and graduated in 2015 from the Department of Architectural Engineering of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. Her interest in movement and her many years of involvement with classical ballet and different types of exercise (athletics, yoga, martial arts) brought her in contact with pilates. In 2020 she graduated from Pilates Academy by A.F. Studies and since then she has been delivering pilates classes to adults in studios and dance schools in Athens, and to vulnerable women's groups. Her interest is focused on designing classes accessible to all bodies and different needs. Through seminars and training programs, she continues to deepen her knowledge of the pilates method, as well as her knowledge of movement and the body.

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