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Polina Chrysafi

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Contemporary dance B | I

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Beginner level : In this class we will move and be moved in all levels and in all directions. Through strengthening, balance and coordination exercises, we will get to know our bodies better and develop our movement abilities. Through dance combinations we will practice our memory, the rhythmicity the body produces when moving, soften our joints and get in touch with the floor, learning to approach it safely and fluidly. By moving the different limbs in coordination at the same time or in isolation , we will become more aware with the aim of discovering new ways of moving and correcting old movement habits that put a strain on the joints, often reducing their mobility. We will consume space alone and together/among other bodies. We will play, explore, trust, improvise, remember, get stronger, fill our lungs with air, get taller, smaller and grow more beautifully!


This class is for people with little or no previous dance experience who are willing to have a conversation with their body, push their boundaries and discover new ways of expression, as well as for those who want to re-approach the basic principles and mechanics of movement. To those who want to move together!


Intermediate level : In this class we will develop our technique with combined exercises that aim to deepen our perceptual ability, the optimal use of movement mechanisms, physical coordination in an organic and functional way, and the search for our personal identity and expression.

We will try to go through extreme positions, expand endurance and flexibility, play and trust. We will become familiar with ground stunts and learn step-by-step how to incorporate them into our movement vocabulary with flow and safety.

An important tool of the course is guided improvisation as a technique for discovering a personal body language. Through constraints, we will search for new experiences, dive into the world of imagination and discover how this process transforms the student into a performer. We will create a safe environment of exposure where all can offer and share the same.

Finally, we will learn how we present ourselves, strengthen our confidence and our relationship with the group.


The class is moderate to vigorous activity and is for people who want to develop technically, expressively and physically in the company of others/others, leaving internal rivalries and prejudices out of the room.



Classical Ballet Beg|Bsc


Beginner Level : In this class we will learn the fundamentals of classical ballet. We will start from the beginning, with patience and perseverance, to get to know each movement, become familiar with the terminology and analyze the technique. Our goal is to get in touch with our body, understand it, align it, stretch it, twist it and prepare it for more complex exercises. Through the gradual building of technique we will improve stability and balance, strength and flexibility. We will discover a common vocabulary of expression through simple lines and classical forms. And of course we will insist on the particularities and needs of each body, on correct posture and function, elongating personal boundaries and challenging our habits.


Basic level : Then at the next level, we will learn how we present ourselves, strengthen our confidence and our relationship with the team. Through more complex combinations of longer duration we will work on memory and delve into technique and danceability. Our practice aims to perform the exercises accurately at different speeds and qualities, but above all to love our bodies and understand ourselves better, to improve and evolve, learning from each other.



Ballet-based fitness O


Open level : Inspired by functional training, ballet and barre a terre, this class aims to strengthen the body and gradually analyse technique. It is aimed at people who are stuck in between basic and intermediate level due to covid19 limitations, as well as those who want to clean up their technique and prepare the body to support the technique with more strength and precision.


Classes are for all genders, all ages and all bodies.
I look forward to meeting you!



Polina is a performer, creator and dance teacher based in Athens, Greece. She is an honors graduate of the Rallou Manou Higher Professional School and the 'artist in process- performance major' program of SEAD (Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance).

In her professional career she has collaborated with various choreographers and artists such as Manuel Ronda, Sita Ostheimer, Sonia Dova, Maria Pisiou, Danae Panou etc. She has participated in dance and theatre festivals in Greece and abroad, such as Tanzhaus festival, Sommerszene festival, Soloduo Tanzfestival, Athens and Epidaurus Festival, Dance Days Chania, Our festival etc. as a dancer and creator.

Recently, she has been exploring her personal perspective in the world of creation and art education, showing interest in combining different movement and multimedia practices with dance techniques. She is concerned with accessibility in art, where inspiration comes from, the basis of communication with the audience and interaction with public space.

She is a founding member of the contemporary dance group 'la eLLe Dance co.', which counts two collective productions that have travelled to festivals and art spaces in Greece and abroad. The group has been supported by Flux laboratory Athens (DDC10, 2020).

She has worked with dance and theatre companies as a choreographer/director assistant and movement consultant.

She teaches classical and contemporary dance classes exploring the inner power of the performer and the dialectic of psyche and body that movement evokes and understands dance and teaching as a form of self-healing, empowerment and self-improvement.

In 2021, she creates with remarkable collaborators the art and exercise space 'Tanzterrain- kinetic dance space' with a vision to house and share techniques, experiences and artistic desires.

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