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Panos Soldatos


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Tel: +306979921952


This course focuses on learning the technique of props, cubes and other ground exercises. The class is 1:30 hour long and is divided into 3 parts: warm up/strengthening the body to safely support this kinesiology, technique and recovery/stretching.


It is aimed at students of dance and martial arts, dancers, acrobats, actors and in general anyone who wants to enrich their movement abilities.
Panos was born in Athens and grew up in Larissa. He is a graduate of the NTUA's SEMFE, and from a young age he has been exploring and expanding the possibilities of the body.

For the last 13 years he has focused on martial and acrobatic arts, while after his black belt in kyokushin kai karate, he dedicated himself mainly to acrobatics (ground and aerial) and dance.

He was a student of the group ki omos KINEITAI, with which he currently collaborates, while he has also attended classes and seminars of Greek and foreign dancers and acrobats (Eva Bournias, Eriketi Andreadaki, Melina Gaza, George Papadopoulos, Taz Herlihy, Bahoz Temaux, etc.).

Since 2019 he has been giving classes and seminars of ground acrobatics in various schools in Athens.

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