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Olga Spyraki

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Tel: +306937179947



The class is mostly based on the principles of “flying low” and the methodology of “fighting monkey”

We start off with an energetic warm up, with elements of aerobic exercise, to strengthen the body and expand our stamina.

We move on to the construction of a choreography, which we separate in parts during the lesson. 

We try out a variety of dynamic speeds, qualities and intensities, we travel through the space and we use gravity as a tool to help us slide, tumble, engage with the ground and move around the space. 



The class is based on the principles of the Russian system (Bogoeva/Vaganova). We start off with a light warm-up away from the bars, with aerobic and anaerobic exercises, within the classical forms of ballet. We move on to detailed bar exercises and basic movements and postures in the center. This approach stems from the viewpoint and needs of a contemporary ballet dancer. 

All the classes are open level

Olga was born in Boston, Massachussets. She has studied acting in the Athens Drama School “G. Theodosiades”, dance in the Professional Dance school “Rallou Manou” and in the Upper Professional Dance School of the Greek National Opera, and choreography at COMMA and Codarts University of the Arts, NL. She has graduated from the Theater Studies faculty of Patras University. She was chosen to participate in the educational program “Ex-In”, concerning the techniques of flying low and passing through, directed by David Zambrano(2018).

She has worked as a dancer and performer in theater with Romeo Castellucci-Societas company in Democracy in America, Michail Marmarinos in the Athens Festival, Evgenia Tzirtzilaki in the Experimental Scene of National Theater and in the Benaki Museum, with Rob Rosnowski, Thanassis Papageorgiou/with Stoa company, Martha Frintzila in the Epidaurus Lyceum and in the Athens and Epidaurus Festival, among others. She has also worked in dance with Ermira Goro at the Arc for Dance festival, Mariela Nestora and Yelp dance company at the Athens Biennale and the National Dance festival of Kalamata, with Documenta Athens, Nigel Charnock, Ana Sanchez Colberg and Theater en Corps dance company, the dance group Aerites and Patricia Apergi at the Epidaurus Lyceum and the Athens and Epidaurus festival, Kostas Tsioukas and Ear, A priori dance co and Eleonora Ilia, NAUD dance co and Vicky Spanovaggelis at the Benaki Museum, and in the Athens Dance Video Project Festival – Promenade, amongst others.

As a choreographer in theater and opera, she has worked with Thanassis Sarantos, G. Chouvardas, Theodoris Ampatzis at DIPETHE Patras and Onassis Stegi, opera studio with DIPETHE Patras and M. Seibel, the TedEx of Patras,  and in the starting choreography of the Iris awards of the Greek Academy of Cinema, amongst others. Her own pieces have been presented at the COMMA festival, NL, at Beton7, at the Reborn in Athens Festival, at the Acropoditi Dance Fest in 2016, at the Feedback in Progress Kinitiras festival, at the National Theater of Peiraius and she has received financial support for her works from the Ministry of Civilization and the Kostopoulos foundation. 

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