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Natasa Gatsiou

Pilates Instructor

Natasa Gatsiou was born and raised in Athens. She graduated from the Rallou Manou Higher Professional School of Dance in 2010 and studied Social Work. She has been teaching classical and contemporary dance classes to children and adults since 2010 and continues to teach at dance schools in Athens and Crete. She graduated from Pilates Academy by A.F Studies (mat, props, reformer) and works as a pilates instructor in dance schools and gyms.

She has attended dance seminars in Greece and abroad and has danced in Void Dance Company, Unclean Animals, Silence of Pisces, Exis Dance Company and DK-Bel. She participated in the dance performance Mandis which was part of the 1st, Kyma Festival. In recent years she has been a member of the inclusive dance group (disabled and non-disabled dancers) Exis Dance Company and the French inclusive dance group DK-Bel.





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Tel : 6955998550

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