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Marina Mazaraki

Contemporary dance | kids

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For kids 5-7 years old 

I believe in, and encourage the idea of dance being integrated in children’s activities. In those ten years of teaching, I have noticed that it helps children feel more energetic and capable of dealing with any problem that arises in the team, in the class, and later on in life. Discipline, creativity, teamwork, confidence and the correct stance of the body are some of the benefits that dancing can bring upon a child.  

My practical approach in my dance classes aims to encourage students to create, express their ideas and their feelings with their bodies and direct their attention towards what they can do, instead of what they can’t do.

In my class, which is contemporary dance with elements of improvisation, children receive the joy of dancing within a team and collaborate, while boosting their confidence. With their body as a tool and music as their companion, children learn the technique, exercise their memory in patterns and repetitive tasks and evolve, create, complete steps, and learn to present their work. They develop their compassion and, in the end, a deeper respect for humanity.


Marina Mazaraki

Marina Mazaraki is a graduate of the Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance and of the the Higher Private Professional Dance School “NIKI KONTAXAKI” 

She has founded the contemporary dance group Vertebra Dance-Collective, where she choreographs and performs. Her work “The Hands” has received the 1st prize of solo choreography and performance at the international competition “Solo Dance Contest Gdansk 2014” in Poland.

When abroad, she had collaborated with choreographers such as Ilona Roth of Transitheart Productions in Linz, in whose team she was a core member for 6 years. Their performance “Plant B” received the people’s award and funding from La Mama Spoleto Open Award 2012 in Italy. Other collaborations in other countries include Ori Flomin, Diego Gli, Libby Farr and Zuzana Kozankova, with all of which she has participated in festivals abroad. 

Along with her performance activities, teaching has played an important part in her personal development. She has worked as a dance teacher in the Artistic High School of Peristeri, in the American College of Salzburg in Austria, and also in nonprofessional schools in Greece and abroad. She has taught in seminars of contemporary dance and improvisation in the professional dance school Balletfoerderzentrums Nurnberg, in the school of Anna Petrova-Marmarinou and in dance festivals, such as Warsaw Dance Days, OpenHouse in Redsapata and Tanzfabrik in Linz.

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