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Marina Mazaraki

Dance Teacher - Kids

Marina Mazaraki is a graduate of the SEAD (Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance) and the Niki Kontaxaki Higher Professional School of Dance.

She has founded the contemporary dance company Vertebra Dance-Collective where she choreographs and performs. Her work "The Hands" has been awarded 1st Prize for solo choreography and performance at the international competition 'Solo Dance Contest Gdansk 2014' in Poland.

She has worked with choreographers abroad such as Ilona Roth / Transitheart Productions in Linz, of which she was a key member for 6 years. The performance 'Plant B' won the audience award and sponsorship from La Mama Spoleto Open Award 2012 in Italy. Other collaborations abroad are with Ori Flomin, Diego Gil, Libby Farr and Zuzana Kozankova, with festival appearances abroad.

Alongside her performing activity an important part of her development and creativity has been teaching.  She has worked as a dance teacher at the Artistic Gymnasium of Peristeri and Athens, at the American College of Salzburg in Austria as well as at amateur schools in Greece and abroad. She has taught contemporary dance and improvisation seminars at the professional dance schools Balletfoerderzentrums Nurnberg, Anna Petrova-Marmarinou and at dance festivals such as Warsaw Dance Days, OpenHouse at Redsapata Tanzfabrik in Linz.





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