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Marina Koutiva

Hatha Flow Yoga O

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Open/Intermediate level : There are various interpretations of hatha yoga. My personal inspiration is that of the moon and the sun. We approach yoga practice holistically, we are complex beings, a sum of different elements, with our "moons" and emotional fluctuations (tha) but also with spirit, light, stability (ha). A pair of almost opposite energies and yet, one cannot exist without the other...and we seek their balance. How? Our anchor is the breath, to bring us back and connect us. With us, and with what we need , with what we have forgotten. The body is present, intelligent, and knows. It becomes the visible and tangible intermediary that attracts mind and emotion, and like satellites leaves them in their effortless movement, yet with a clear point of reference. The breath that nourishes, regulates, attunes and is always strong and bright, like the Sun. Measuring time now with breaths, we listen to the "inside" as an integral part of any "outside". We float in a practice of flow and movement with a willingness to explore our limits and play, respecting the specificity of each body and mind.

This is an intermediate level class, however variations are given for more beginner and advanced students. The Thursday class is a little more advanced.



Marina is a dancer and performer, yoga teacher and Thai Yoga Massage (TYM) therapist and a senior in Biotechnology (Agricultural University of Athens). She has studied contemporary and classical dance and graduated from the Professional Dance School Rallou Manou in 2012 (Greece). She continued her studies in dance and choreography in Sicily and Brussels, got to know and love physical theatre and instant composition and has participated in performances and videodance projects in Greece and Sicily. Some intense physical injuries brought her in contact with yoga for the first time , discovering a new way of exercise, coexistence with herself and others, self-development and lifestyle. Injuries turned from an obstacle into a motivation for learning and in 2015 she was certified as a Yoga Teacher 200 hours in Hatha, Vinyasa and Gentle Yoga (Swaha Yoga Center, Greece) and retrained in Prenatal & Postnatal / Mom and Baby Yoga, Yin Yoga, Aerial Unnata Yoga, Arm Balances, Tantric Philosophy & chakras and Yoga Therapeutics for musculoskeletal conditions. She has been initiated into the art of T Y M since 2010 and to date she has been enriching her therapeutic vocabulary in Athens, Brussels and Thailand, with additional trainings in Dynamic Thai Yoga Massage, Thai Oil massage, Tantric massage, Tok Sen Technique, Aerial massage, Neuromascular massage and Craniosacral Therapy. She completed her research on neuroscience and the correlation of stress with behavioural patters, psychosomatic symptom expression and Trauma at the University of Athens, successfully completing the training program "Stress & Health Management" and continues to attend conferences on these topics worldwide. Marina now lives and works in Athens , delivering hatha flow, gentle and prenatal yoga classes and seminars as well as T Y M seminars and sessions. She continues her yoga journey as a Yoga Teacher Trainer with Tanya Popovich at Shri Gaia's Institute (Yoga Teacher Trainer), further exploring the potential and abilities of the human body and mind and the integration of the healing aspect of the philosophy and practice of yoga and meditation into daily life.

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