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Foivos Symeonidis

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Tel: +306974180475


Adult physical theatre workshop

We have all heard of "body language". But how rich and accurate can it be? Could we tell a whole story on stage without relying on speech?
        To answer, we only need to recall such stories that we have enjoyed in silent cinema, mask theatre, theatrical clowns, J. Tati's visual comedies, etc.

In this workshop, our goal is to practice learning to "listen" to our bodies, giving them the reins in the creative process. To do this we will focus on a series of exercises and improvisations that aim to strengthen and sensitize our bodies, so that we can then give form, rhythm, movement, breath and body to the creative mind.

We will unlock ways in which we can use our bodies, our movement and our voices to create a multitude of imaginary characters who are ready to act scenically in the most unexpected ways. And in the final session of the workshop, the group will compose an original story that will unfold through the encounters of the characters we have created throughout the year. Encounters that are unexpected, electrifying, awkward, and fun will weave the plot of our story that will provide the space and time for the original characters we have created to shine and act.


Youth/Adolescent Theatre Workshop


Theatre as the ideal context for communication, expression and creativity. The workshop "A Theatre Hive in the Neighbourhood" is an invitation to teenagers, young people who want to learn about and/or deepen their relationship with theatre practice. 
How do we improvise? How do we unleash our expressiveness and sharpen our perception through play and communication with our peers? How do we build an on-stage team ready to create their own story?
Through fun ensemble exercises and structured improvisations, we will get to know each other and build a framework of trust that allows us to develop our creativity and unleash our imagination. Our main goal is to communicate with our teammates and co-create


Foivos graduated from the Drama School of the National Theatre in 2011. He is an actor, director and founding member of the Art Vouveau group which creates original silent theatre performances ( He is also a regular collaborator of the Baumstrasse and Copernicus groups. As an actor he has worked with directors such as: Euripides Laskaridis, Martha Frindzila, Camilo Bentancor, Thomas Moschopoulos, Costas Filippoglou.  
In the educational field, and more specifically for the realization of theatre seminars, he has collaborated with, among others, the National Theatre (2020-2022), the DPEPEΘE Kozani (2019) and the Athens House of Arts and Letters (2017-2018), while he co-teaches all the workshops conducted by the theatre group Art Vouveau.
In August 2021 he directed the musical theatre performance "The Museum of Fantastic Musical Beings" in collaboration with the music ensemble TETTTIX as part of the programme "All Greece is one Culture 2021" and in 2019 he directed the performance "Next to Next" for the National Theatre.
Since 2011 she has been working continuously as an actor and has collaborated with directors such as: Euripides Laskaridis ("ELENIT"), Martha Fridzila ("Cain - a mystery", "Bacchae: a liturgy", "Ajax", "Tea at the Countess Pergoli's", "Bacchae"), Thomas Moschopoulos ("Candide or Optimism", "The Trial of K. ", "The Slave"), Kostas Filippoglou ("Frogs"), Vicky Georgiadou ("Youth without God", "A stranger from the Seine", "I should have had"), Camilo Bentancor ("Return to Budejovice"), Costas Papaconstantinou ("Voicek") in works by Sophocles, Euripides, Aristophanes, Shakespeare, Voltaire, Beechner, Lench, A. de Musset, Lord Byron, F. Kafka, A. Kami, E. von Horvath and others, at the Athens and Epidaurus Festival, the National Theatre, the House of Arts and Letters, the International Theatre Festival of the Balkan Countries in Prussia, the International Black Sea Theatre Festival in Trabzon and elsewhere. 

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