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Foivos Symeonidis

Physical Theater Teacher

Phoebus graduated from the Drama School of the National Theatre in 2011. He is an actor, director and founding member of the Art Vouveau group which creates original silent theatre performances (

Since 2011 he has been working continuously as an actor and has collaborated with directors such as: Euripides Laskaridis ("ELENIT"), Martha Fridzila ("Cain - a mystery", "Bacchae: a liturgy", "Ajax", "Tea at the Countess Pergoli's", "Bacchae"), Thomas Moschopoulos ("Candide or Optimism", "The Trial of K. ", "The Slave"), Kostas Filippoglou ("Frogs"), Vicky Georgiadou ("Youth without God", "A stranger from the Seine", "I should have had"), Camilo Bentancor ("Return to Budejovice"), Costas Papaconstantinou ("Voicek") in works by Sophocles, Euripides, Aristophanes, Shakespeare, Voltaire, Beechner, Lench, A. de Musset, Lord Byron, F. Kafka, A. Kami, E. von Horvath and others, at the Athens and Epidaurus Festival, the National Theatre, the House of Arts and Letters, the International Theatre Festival of the Balkan Countries in Prussia, the International Black Sea Theatre Festival in Trabzon and elsewhere. He is also a regular collaborator of the Baumstrasse and Copernicus groups.

In the educational field, and more specifically for the realization of theatre seminars, he has collaborated, among others, with the National Theatre (2020-2022), the DIPETHE of Kozani (2019) and the House of Arts and Letters (2017-2018), while he co-teaches all the workshops of the Art Vouveau theatre group.

In August 2021 he directed the musical theatre performance "The Museum of Fantastic Musical Beings" in collaboration with the music ensemble TETTTIX as part of the programme "All Greece is a Culture 2021" and in 2019 he directed the performance "Next to Next" for the National Theatre.





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