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Emmanouela Korki

ELECTROdANCE : Contemporary dance / Σύγχρονος χορός (όλα τα επίπεδα)

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Tel : +306977415434
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music by A. Mantes

The class ElectroDancing for 90 minutes is an invitation to dance to the sounds of electronic music for 90 consecutive minutes.

Through an open score of movement instructions, we will warm up the body and dance small and large movement patterns together with free parts, composing a 90' dance journey.

We will play with speed, space and shapes, while discovering boundaries and cultivating stamina .
Open Level. This class is for anyone who loves movement, wants to discover or remember.

*Booking is required.


Emmanuela Korki studied dance at the Higher Professional School of Dance 'Rallou Manou', theatre at the Athens Drama School G. Theodosiadis and Yoga at the Sivananda Centre in Poland. Having attended climbing and mountaineering schools in Greece, in 2023 she participates in the European educational program "Climb Into Youthwork"-Learnlabor in Spain. She teaches contemporary dance, improvisation and ballet and her practice and teaching is inspired by Release technique, Contact improvisation, Viewpoints and Somatics.

As a dancer and actress she has been collaborating from 2005 until today with the Nostalgia Group - T.Rallis and G.Simonas, with H. Badeca, with the Group No We Play UrbanDig - E.Alexiou, G.Sahini, among others. Her choreographic work includes works that intertwine with the relationship between movement and sound, materials and nature. She is a founding member of the Moon10 group and in recent years, in collaboration with Alexios Mantes/Mon10, she has been exploring the relationship between the arts of dance, climbing and music, as well as our connection to wild/pristine environments.

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