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Elisavet Pliakostathi

Barre à terre


Tel : +306973401418

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Barre a Terre is a self reliant gym technique, which includes exercises inspired by classic and contemporary dance. The aim of the class is the correct posture of the body, the activation of the range of movements and, in general, the health and the knowledge of the body. The muscles strengthen and lengthen, the joints soften, flexibility, stamina and balance  improve, movements become more harmonious and soft, while the student learns to breathe correctly and to relax when needed. The class takes place in standing, laying and sitting position and is accompanied by pleasant music.


It is addressed to people of all ages and gymnastic experience, who wish to exercise and develop good shape.
*Pre-booking is necessary.


Elissavet Pliakostathi lives and works in Athens as a dancer, choreographer and dance teacher. She graduated top of her class from National School of Orchestral Art (KSOT), Middlesex University, MA Choreography with Performing Arts and Center of Educational and Cultural Activities “Paidion Drasis”, department of Theater Pedagogy and Children’s Drama. 

Since 2001, she works as a dancer with dance and performance groups, while she has been a creator of dance works since 2005. She teaches contemporary and classical dance, improvisation and Barre a Terre, she teaches workshops in an educational and communal framework. She is a co-organizer of the Athens Video Dance Project. More info:


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