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Dimitra Alibinisi

Improvisation & Choreography
All levels

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The aim of this class is to explore our body’s capabilities, through basic instructions and creative tasks of physical improvisation. These tools will progressively create refined physical material. The development of this material will each time lead to a choreographed piece, in which each participant will be able to further add their own personal elements and take part in the composition of the choreography. ​

We start off with basic improvisation instructions that will progressively lead to a personal movement manual. The importance of this personal research is for us to expand our physical abilities, so as to discover, accept and develop our personal kinetic identity.

All of the above will take place through a detailed and intense physical process.


The class is open level and is aimed at those who wish to develop their physicality, activate their synaesthesia, get closer to their body and express themselves through dance.

Are you into the groove?



Dimitra Alibinisi graduated in 2017 from the Technical University of Thessaloniki, Department of Preschool Education, and in 2020 from the professional school of dance “Chorochronos”. As a dancer she has until now participated in seminars with dancers from the groups Akram, Khan, Peeping Tom, Kibbutz, Jukstapoz and Human Fields, among others. She has collaborated with the National Theater of Thessaloniki for the Forest Festival, as a dancer in the dance group Kinesthisi. Nowadays, she lives in Athens and she teaches ballet and contemporary dance to children and adults alike.

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