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Maria Stamou

Yoga Narratives O

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Yoga Narratives classes are based on the idea that each body perceives and records its own stories in its own unique way. It creates narratives, tells them to its cells and through them, it acts, reacts and interacts. 
Through the practice of yoga, as a tool for observing and cultivating consciousness, both in our external and internal movements, the invitation to these classes is to explore the questions: 
"What is the story I am telling my cells?"
"Which parts of it are limiting to my body and which parts empower me?"
"How can I amplify, and perhaps, integrate the narrative I choose?"
At the same time, through the basic theory of storytelling, which comes in the form of thematic reflections, a course is structured to support this exploration creatively.




Maria lives in Athens, she is a yoga teacher, a copywriter and a facilitator of creative activities for children and people with disabilities.She is a graduate of the Film Department of the School of Fine Arts - Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, where she specialized in scriptwriting and the art of storytelling.
Yoga came into her life as a means of managing some personal difficulties, and through it, she discovered a great tool to free herself from the limiting 'narratives' of the mind, empowering and unlocking creativity. Thus, in 2021, she was certified as a yoga teacher, Hatha & Vinyasa (YTT 200 hours), by Shri Gaia Institute, with Tanya Popovich and Marina Koutiva as instructors. She also continued her training in children's and teenage yoga, as well as yoga for people on the autism spectrum.
She has participated in various seminars and workshops, including: mindfulness, acro yoga, thai yoga massage, sound therapy, art therapy, contact improvisation dance, drama, group management, etc.
In addition, she is a founding member of the Embodhiment Collective, as well as the community of practice of young yoga teachers, 'Yogarrival'.

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