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Anna Anousaki

Contemporary dance

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Tel : 6973937747

Beginner level: In a few words… the aim of this class is for the participants to steadily become accustomed to the use of their body weight, the flow of their movement, the coordination of their limbs, the alternation of speeds and levels, the use of the floor (floorwork) and of their momentum, and, of course the progressive learning of acrobatics in a safe manner.

How will this be achieved?

The pupils are called to activate processes of observation, internal (i.e. connection with their breathing and their imagination, their internal rhythm, the internal spaces of their body), as well as external (i.e. the development of their technique, stamina and flexibility, the correlation and connection of the body to the surrounding space, as well as the enhancement of teamwork). All this takes place through guided tasks of improvisation, and also simple combinations of exercises in the form of choreography.

It is very important for everyone to know that they will find themselves in a safe environment for exposure, where everyone will be offering and sharing the same amount, throughout the lesson. The fundamental and long-term goal is the gradual expansion of the body’s functionality, both on a mental and a physical level. 


In sync with the capabilities and particularities of each and every one of the prospective dancers, we will try from scratch to explore new ways of moving around and expressing one’s self in the space, and also passing from unusual positions and moves. We will also risk going out of balance, levitate, play with the rhythm and the various qualities, we will become acquainted with the floor, contact and ground acrobatics, slowly and safely!

We will also capitalize on the way we present ourselves -via performing, with empowering our confidence and connecting with the team as our main goals.


*Around the end of the year, there is a possibility of an open class/presentation to an audience. 

The classes contain elements of the release and flying low techniques, improvisation and strengthening exercises, as well as simple acrobatics.


This class is aimed at students with little or no experience at Contemporary dance (Beginners), and is open to anyone who wishes to try it out no matter their level (Open).


Anna Anousaki was born in Athens in 1993. She was raised in Paros and was a student at the Central School of Ballet (RAD) of K. Tzoumpa. She studied at the National Opera School of Dance of Athens and at the National School of Dance, where she graduated in 2015. She has participated as a dancer with the Hellenic Dance Company in performances in Greece (Herodus Atticus Theater, Megaron of Athens Concert Hall, Athens and Epidaurus Festival etc.) and abroad (New York City Center).


She has worked with Greek and international choreographers and artists, such as Fernanda Prata (Laban), Jack Webb, Clelia Vuille (The Place, Incidance Platform), Sharon Fridman, Anastasia Valsamaki and Isavella Margara(National Theater), Froso Lytra/Giannis Kakleas, Alexis Fousekis, Markella Manoliadi (Flux), and Dimitrios Mitilinaios(Artworks 2019) among others. She has been working as a dancer since 2019 with the group Still Pilgrim by Stella Fotiadi and she is also a choreographer at the theater group Mikros Notos


As a choreographer, she has also collaborated with Routes in Marpissa Festival presenting: meeting point, Refractions 229.792,458 km/sec', (Re)Related (Research, Dunkan Residency Artist 2019). Furthermore, she was a choreography presenter as a Residency Artist at DanceWays School Festival 2020 for professional dance schools in collaboration with the Duncan Dance Study Centre.

In addition, she has attended a six-month course of seminars at the Department of Dance Therapy and Mental Health Counselling through Movement at the Hellenic-British College (2018) with lecturers A. Nikolitsa, Erifili Dafermou (LMA) etc. and participates in Art History courses.

Finally, she teaches contemporary and classical dance to children and adults, and attends various dance seminars in Greece and abroad.

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