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Anna Anousaki

Dance Teacher

Anna Anousaki was born in 1993 in Athens. She grew up in Paros and studied at the Central School Of Ballet (RAD) of K.Juba. She studied at the National Lyrical School of Dance of Athens and at the State School of Orchestral Art where she completed her studies in 2015.

She has participated as a dancer with the Hellenic Dance Company in performances in Greece (Herodou Atticus Theatre, Athens Concert Hall, Athens and Epidaurus Festival etc.) and abroad (New York City Center).

She has collaborated with Greek and foreign choreographers and artists such as Fernanda Prata (Laban), Jack Webb, Clelia Vuille (The Place, Incidance Platform), Sharon Fridman, Anastasia Valsamaki and Isabella Margaras (National Theatre), Froso Lytra/Yannis Kakleas, Alexis Fousekis, Markella Manoliadis (Flux), Dimitrios Mytilineos (Artworks 2019), etc. α. Since 2019 she collaborates as a dancer with Stella Fotiadis' Still Pilgrim Paradox group and is a choreographer in the theatre group Mikrosotos South. As a choreographer, she has also collaborated with Routes in Marpissa Festival presenting the following: meeting point, Diffraction 229.792,458 km/sec', (Re)Related (Research, Dunkan Residency Artist 2019). Furthermore, she was a choreography instructor as a Residency Artist at DanceWays School Festival 2020 for professional dance schools in collaboration with the Duncan Dance Study Centre.

In addition, she has attended a six-month course of seminars at the Department of Dance Therapy and Mental Health Counselling through Movement at the Hellenic-British College (2018) with lecturers A. Nikolitsa, Erifili Dafermou (LMA) etc. and participates in Art History courses.

Finally, she teaches contemporary and classical dance to children and adults, and attends various dance seminars in Greece and abroad. Her love and involvement with kinetic research have led her to create improvisation courses open to the general public.





Tel. 6973937747

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